Jocelyn Warner


Formed in 1999, Jocelyn Warner is a design studio based at the heart of East London’s creative landscape. Led by designer Jocelyn, we are a family business with an international reach, having achieved widespread recognition for our distinctive style, opulent patterns, an intimate, personal approach and a bespoke level of service and attention. By taking the time to build relationships with manufacturers and producers in the UK, Jocelyn Warner products are genuinely craft-led, yet innovative with a sense of individuality not found in big manufacturers on the high street.

When Jocelyn Warner began, wallpaper design was trapped in the past and considered by many to be rather un-cool. Coming from a textiles background, drawn to pattern, colour and form found in the natural world, and versed in all the traditional techniques of print-making craft, Jocelyn made the entrepreneurial and creative leap to produce big, bold graphic wallpaper. Along with a small handful of others, she helped alter its perception, seeing wallpaper as a contemporary and glamorous product that could express individuality and complement modern furniture and interiors. Through playing an instrumental role in rekindling an interest in wallpaper, Jocelyn influenced the resurgence of bold pattern and colour in interiors.

Simon Warner-Bore joined in 2004, bringing his expertise in managing creative businesses to steer our progression towards becoming an international, established brand and a commercial success. The production of striking large-scale, luxurious wallpaper books to present the collections and regularly exhibiting at the major international events including the Salone in Milan, ICFF in New York and 100% Design in London has grown wide international representation and recognition.

Jocelyn Warner papers have been acquired by the Cooper Hewitt wallpaper collection in New York and Elle Decoration awarded the Kew wallpaper Best Wallcovering of the Year. Our products have been featured in TV advertisements, style and interior programmes, in film and widely in the international press.

Jocelyn’s natural awareness of colour and trend forecasting allows the company to stay ahead of the curve and her unique aesthetic has led to design consultancy projects with DesignTex, Agnona and Ploegstoffen, collaborations with architects, and selling designs and products to Ally Capellino, Ratti, Esprit, Paul Smith, Nicole Farhi and Joseph.

At Jocelyn Warner, we constantly experiment with technologies and materials by working closely with manufacturers’ Research & Development teams to explore papers, finishes and speciality inks – some being used for the first time in wallpaper production. As a company which sits at the intersection between interiors, lifestyle and fashion we are always excited by new opportunities, whether they come via technology, working with our partners and collaborators or through the trends we observe in how our home environments and behaviour within them changes over time. Whatever might lie around the corner for interiors we will be designing timeless products that encourage individuals to express their personality and taste in homes around the world.