Engblad and Company

Engblad and Co Wallpaper

As Scandinavia’s oldest wallpaper brand, we have a single goal in our sights: creating modern, stylish wallpapers that still retain that relaxed, inclusive feeling you want to have when walking into a room. That feeling you want to come home to.

Engblad and Co Wallpaper

Since our very beginning in the mid-nineteenth century, we have linked up with inspiring contemporary designers and architects. In our design process we look back to our extensive pattern archive, but we also invest a lot into our design collaborations with internationally renowned designers.

Engblad and Co Wallpaper

Our innovative approach and receptiveness to trends go without saying. These give us an inbuilt driving force that has rewarded us over the years with prestigious awards in wallpaper design all over the world. Our acclaimed wallpapers are proud chapters in our unique pattern archive, which currently covers almost all of Sweden’s collective wallpaper history.

Engblad and Co Wallpaper

Our wallpapers adorn walls throughout the world. This is what our brand is built on. And it is our starting point when we continue to create new, 
stylish wallpaper patterns that reflect current interior design trends. That are always up to date. And that always feel right.

Made in Sweden

All of our wallpapers are created under the same roof here in Borås, from creating the design right up to the finished roll. Our design studio creates all of our beautiful patterns,  and colours are hand-blended. Quality tests are performed alongside the rumble of machines from the factory, where our wallpapers are printed at full speed.


Production takes place in our factory in Borås, and we use a base paper that is easy to work with, as well as being strong and durable EasyUp material. All of this to ensure that our customers can wallpaper without mess, minimal preparatory work and, above all, a clear conscience: there is no compromise in regard to the environment.

Our environmental work runs through our entire production chain. Our raw materials are sourced exclusively from north European paper groups that follow sustainable forestry principles, so that forests felled on our account are re-planted. The production process is entirely water-based, with components that we can safely handle in our own purification plant. Any waste material is used for district heating in Borås, and all packaging is made from recyclable materials. We can assure you that when you put up our wallpaper in your home it contains no harmful substances. That’s why we are CE-marked in accordance with EU guidelines.

CE marking is a product marking that means that different basic requirements have been met with regard to health, safety, functional and environmental aspects, among others, and that the prescribed inspection procedures have been followed.