LA’s Best Kept Wallpaper Secret

LA’s Best Kept Wallpaper Secret

We want to introduce you to Monserrat Gaxiola - a wallpaper installation guru/artist in Los Angeles who you’ve probably never heard of.

One day he visited our showroom and shared a memory from his childhood. 

He touched the grasscloth basketweave material we plainly call “Wallpaper” and he shared memories from his childhood. You see, in his hometown in Mexico, these hand-woven materials are a part of daily life.

You can make almost anything with it - even a blanket. 

That is the unique perspective and humble personality that defines Los Angeles’ best-kept wallpaper secret. 

When we first met Monse he was joined by one of Africa’s rising development stars. Together, they envisioned a luxury Italian mansion adorned in Versace. Including every inch of wall. 

Monse work speaks for itself. Take a look here:

Despite being a modest man with a small, word-of-mouth business, he is no stranger to high-end interior design projects. In fact, his great attention to detail elevates even the most beautiful walls. 

Here are some more recent installations he shared with our design team: