Hygge and West at the DW Showroom

Hygge and West at the DW Showroom

Visit our Sherman Oaks showroom to see selections from the Hygge and West Screen Printed Wallpaper Collection. The quality is beautiful. 

Here is a little bit about the founders of Hygge and West.

"As fourth graders, Aimee and Christiana would spend hours drawing outfits, creating pages for a catalog for their future clothing company. While life initially led both in different directions (though both oddly became lawyers for a stint), when an opportunity to start a business together arose in 2008, they remembered their days plotting and planning as young girls and jumped at the chance to bring an old dream to life.

Hygge & West is founded upon the Danish concept of hygge (pronounced hue-guh) that loosely translates to cozy, but means so much more. All of life’s small but wonderful moments can be described as hygge – curling up by the fireplace with a great book, long informal dinners with close friends, goodnight hugs with your children. We hope that our products help bring more hygge into our customers’ homes – creating a cozy, beautiful environment where small, everyday moments can be enjoyed.

We have been lucky to find many wonderful partners in this endeavor, from the incredibly talented artists that design our wallpapers, to the artisans who hand screen them (watch our video here about how we make our wallpaper!). We’re also very thankful for the team at our warehouse who manage our fulfillment and pay more attention to detail than we possibly could. Our business is like a family to us, and we appreciate everyone who helps keep Hygge & West running!"

Hygge and WestHygge and WestHygge and WestHygge and West