5 Flock Wallpapers Curated By 'Sherlock' Designer Arwel Wyn Jones

5 Flock Wallpapers Curated By 'Sherlock' Designer Arwel Wyn Jones

Production designer Arwel Wyn Jones has a reputation for transforming a room in one fell swoop. Since 2010, Steven Mofatt and Mark Gatiss's British TV series Sherlock has popularized Jones’s signature standout wallpaper selections, an obsession for many interior-minded Sherlockians.

Those seeking to mimic the look of the sets on the hit show starring Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman can reach for a 1959 Le Corbusier armchair or skull-print art similar to John Pinkerton's iconic painting, but a key detail that is harder to synch up from a screenshot is the eye-catching wallpaper.

"I've used everything from DIY (from home improvement stores) to antique and handmade papers," Jones tells The Hollywood Reporter. "It's more to do with the pattern and color than exclusivity."

Fleur-de-Lys Flock

Good taste is always in style and flock (the gold-standard for wallpaper) is having a resurgence--most recently in Benedict Cumberbatch's Sherlock living room. Jones considers the "iconic" status of this pattern "a personal triumph," adding, "Everyone was in love with this wallpaper!" It suits the low-lit interiors of a bachelor pad with "the show's mix of modern meets old" aesthetic.

Zoffany's Navarre pattern is a large-scale flock of a dark chocolate fleur-de-lys motif within a trellis pattern as intricate as the workings of Sherlock's mind. For similar flocks try Designer Wallcoverings.

Devil Damask


The devil's in the details (literally) with darker themes and colors for dramatic walls. What better design for a high-end dominatrix? Irene Adler's (Lara Pulver's) bedroom is papered with Timorous Beasties' Devil Damask in black on carbon with a devil mask motif that plays off Adler's mysterious vibe. Jones says, "Once you know the cast, you can start to decorate." Season 2, episode 1 ( "A Scandal in Belgravia") was Emmy-nominated for outstanding art direction for a miniseries or movie.

Vortex Spirals


The transformative powers of geometric patterns and spiraling shapes instantly add interest and dimension to a room.

Harlequin's Vortex pattern in mink can be seen in the mind-bending season 3, episode 3 ("His Last Vow").  The trippy graphic design demands close attention.

Gold Foliage


Watson's (Martin Freeman's) living room wallpaper is a fan favorite. For the record, Jones confirms that he turned again to Harlequin for the now-discontinued Amaranta pattern on a burgundy background embellished with a gold metallic branch and foliage motif. Depicting a forest scene, it gives the traditional floral style a modern twist. 

Botanical Flock


Bringing the outside in, leafy botanical and tropical plant patterns are having a resurgence in interiors. From seasons 1 to 4, Baker Street's lower level was decorated with retro brown bamboo flock wallpaper by industry veteran Trevor Howsam.